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Founded in 1998 as Annadel Press and renamed in 2021, Atenera Press is dedicated to exploring the wonders of our natural world.  Our first book, Guide to State Parks of the Sonoma Coast and Russian River, was the definitive treatment of this popular getaway region near San Francisco. Our next book, Outdoor Navigation with GPS, taught outdoor adventurers how to use map, compass, and GPS to navigate safely in the wilderness. Both books were eventually licensed to Wilderness Press for second and third editions. The Slickrock Desert is our latest release to celebrate the wonders of the natural world.


You may be wondering about the name “Atenera.” In our quest to honor the natural world, we recognize the growing importance of renewable energy, especially solar energy. Our name derives from the Egyptian sun god, Aten, to proclaim this as the “Era of the Sun.” We encourage you to take advantage of solar power as we have to help save energy and reduce your impact on global warming.


“A serious and well-written book that should find a home with anyone interested in the coast, camping, hiking, nature, or Sonoma County in general.

John LeBaron, Santa Rosa Press Democrat


“A terrific resource that even longtime residents will find interesting and useful.”

Linda Xiques, Pacific Sun


Stephen W. Hinch is a breath of fresh air...[this book] is expert advice from a very experienced teacher.”     –Fred Zahradnik, GPS

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